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Up here in the Northwest Territories we get a whole pile of visitors, but most just skim the surface.


That's not a problem: After all, even our conventional touristy stuff is tons of fun. But if you're looking to really experience this place – to drink it down, to live it up, to be it – there are certain specific experiences you just can't miss.


Here are 17 ways to do the North to the fullest.


Seen the ‘Big Four’

... by which we mean muskoxen, caribou, moose, and bison. They're all on view in the Northwest Territories, providing a sort of polar safari. 


Landed a 40-pounder

Because anything smaller is what we call "bait."


Flown in the co-pilot’s seat

Extra points if it's a ski-plane.



Nope, riding in the basket doesn't count.


Driven to the end of the road

... or better yet, gone beyond it, by foot, canoe, skidoo, whatever.


Skied through a frosted forest

In the super-cool winter of the Northwest Territories, a coating of ice, called "hoarfrost," accumulates on every chilly surface, glazing the world in glory.


Sailed out of sight of land

Up here, the lakes are like freshwater oceans, giving you plenty of space to float your boat. Make the most of it.


Seen the sky do this

Oh yeah, the elusive purple lights. It only does this during the most rockin' auroral storms.


Raced a canoe

In the North's small towns, old fashioned paddling races are a feature of summer celebrations. Jump into a boat and join in.


Spent the night in a teepee

Best sleep ever – we guarantee.


Filled your water bottle from here

Steady now – this isn't the place for a swim. 


Watched the sun spin circles in the sky

It's the weirdest thing: the sun is getting lower, lower ... wait, now it's rising again. No night. Just an endless dance of brilliance in the sky. 


Been comfortably dressed at 40 below

In the Northwest Territories, parkas aren't for fashion. They're like space suits, allowing you to thrive in our vigorous interstellar cold.


Strolled down this street

The North's most famous lane is as wild and wooly as its name implies.


Gone for a spin in this thing

Odd machines prowl the Northland, rolling through landscapes no car could endure. 


Picnicked here

This is the Arctic Circle. Believe us, lunch tastes better at the top of the world.


Awoken to this view

Need we say more?

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