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With dramatic waterfalls, beautiful lakes, and scenic landscapes, the Northwest Territories make it pretty easy to take beautiful photos. The hardest part is often choosing where to take them! Here's a rundown of 10 great selfie spots in Northwest Territories Parks that will make your friends envious.


1. The 60th Parallel Territorial Park

The 60th Parallel Territorial Park on the Hay River welcomes Northwest Territories highway travellers from Alberta. There's a visitor centre here, too.


Selfie stop: The “Welcome to the Northwest Territories” sign at the 60th Parallel.


2. Twin Falls Territorial Park

Twin Falls Territorial Park has a variety of trails, picnic areas and waterfalls to explore. This is Alexandra Falls, the first of two in the park.


Selfie stop: Dramatic Alexandra Falls, which plummets 32 metres.


2. Louise Falls

Don't miss the wedding cake design of Louise Falls in Twin Falls Territorial Park on the Hay River south of the town of Hay River.


Selfie stop: The views from the spiral staircase, or just the staircase itself.


4. Hay River Territorial Park

Hay River Territorial Park has a campground close to the shoreline and a sandy beach. It’s located on the south shore of one of North America's largest lakes, Great Slave Lake.


Selfie stop: A sandy beach in the Northwest Territories? Who knew?


5. Lady Evelyn Falls

Near Kakisa, west of Hay RiverLady Evelyn Falls Territorial Park has trails, a campground sheltered by tall spruce trees, and excellent fishing.


Selfie stop: Make your way behind the falls!


6. Prelude Lake Territorial Park

Prelude Lake Territorial Park, on the Ingraham Trail east of Yellowknife features an interpretive trail, campground, boat launch, boat rentals, and a large lake suitable for a day's fishing.


Selfie stop: A panorama of the lake from the hiking trail.


7. Cameron Falls River Crossing

The attraction at Cameron Falls River Crossing Territorial Day Use Area is access to a stunning waterfall with calm pools for a refreshing dip on a hot day.


Selfie stop: From the bridge, overlooking the falls.


8. Gwich’in Territorial Park

On the Dempster Highway the Gwich'in Territorial Park offers trails and spectacular lookouts over the vast Mackenzie Delta. This is Tithegeh Chii Vitaii.


Selfie stop: Pose at the scenic lookout.


9. Inuvik Observation Tower

Just outside Inuvik is a prime bird-watching area with an abundance of falcons, eagles, and ducks, plus cranberries, blueberries, and cloudberries growing in the area for snacking.


Selfie stop: The view from the observation tower is well worth the climb!


10. Western Arctic Regional Visitor Centre

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This picturesque structure is the Western Arctic Regional Visitor Centre in Inuvik. The design evokes a traditional Inuvialuit log house, once common in this area. Inside, collect your certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle.


Selfie stop: Get a shot of the Great Northern Arts Festival sculpture outside of the centre, which features symbols representing the cultural diversity of the NWT.


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