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It’s one thing to see a polar bear on video; it’s an entirely different, life-changing experience to see one in person.


Majestic and omnipresent, you can find polar bears all across Nunavut, as all but one of Nunavut’s communities are located by the ocean. The best time to see them is in the fall, when they gather on the shorelines waiting for sea ice to form. The fall season brings bears in close contact with many Nunavut communities, but especially Arviat, Hall Beach, Pond Inlet, Naujaat, and Resolute Bay. 

A polar bear safari is perfect for families

The polar bear is a clever and dangerous animal, with males weighing up to 700kgs and measuring over three metres in length. They are extremely capable hunters, experts at catching seals and the occasional whale. Excellent swimmers, polar bears are known to swim in the open ocean for hundreds of kilometres. 


A polar bear safari is perfect for families, first time visitors to the Arctic, and both professional and hobby photographers. You will find yourself totally immersed in the awesome beauty of the Arctic landscape and filled with excitement to be in proximity to the mighty polar bear.

The safety of both guests and animals is a top priority on polar bear safaris.

Safety for both guests and animals is the top priority on polar bear safaris. Expert Inuit guides, whose experience and knowledge are unmatched, are intimately familiar with polar bear behaviour. These guides will ensure your safety while viewing polar bears, without acclimatizing the bears to human contact.  


The community of Pond Inlet is the pinnacle of safari destinations for wildlife viewing of all kinds. The floe edge, where open ocean water meets frozen ocean ice, forms close to the inlet, and marine mammals and other wildlife congregate there to feed. But guided polar bear safaris are also available in the Nunavut communities of Arctic Bay, Arviat, Naujaat, Pangnirtung, and Hall Beach.  

As well as the polar bear, you may spot other arctic wildlife including sea birds, bowhead, beluga, narwhal, and seal

On your polar bear safari, expect to journey to the floe edge in small, intimate groups for days of discovery. As well as the polar bear, you may spot other Arctic wildlife including sea birds, bowhead, beluga, narwhal, and seal.


Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, your evenings will be spent gazing upwards in awe as the incredible Northern Lights dance above you.


Combined with top-quality customer service and attention to detail, a polar bear safari is a not-to-be-missed classic Arctic adventure.

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