Canada’s biggest city, Toronto is an absolute must-visit for people who love the hustle-and-bustle, the energy and excitement of an urban paradise. From big attractions to a big nightlife, and some of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world, the only way you’ll be bored in Toronto is if that’s your goal.


If you only have a long weekend to spend in Toronto, here are a few tried and true activities to help you make the most of your time.


Day 1: Foodie for a day

If your stomach is the main decision-maker on a lot of your holidays, you won’t do much better than Toronto. The city has an unbelievable foodie scene, with all the staples you’d expect: a growing food truck scene, a great market to pick up fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and baked goods (actually ranked the top food market in the world by National Geographic), and an encyclopedia of great restaurants inspired and influenced by Toronto’s diverse community.


Rather than trying (and failing) to give you a concrete list of all the restaurants you should see, here’s what one great day of eating and drinking might look like.


Neo Coffee Bar


  • What to get: A latte (with some beautiful art from a skilled barista)

  • Where: St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood

  • Website:


Peter Pan Bistro


The Hole in the Wall



416 Snack Bar


The Sky Yard at the Drake Hotel



Day 2: Pick a sport

Listen, everybody knows that Canadians love hockey. Toronto is no exception, and the city has a special passion for the Maple Leafs hockey team, and is also home to the Hockey Hall of Fame (where you can actually touch the Stanley Cup!). But Toronto is more than just a hockey town; it’s the sports capital of Canada, and there’s a handful of professional sports to be seen and enjoyed.


Home to Canada’s only Major League Baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays, it stands to reason that the locals are absolutely crazy about baseball. If you can make time for a visit to the Rogers Centre, there’s no better way to spend an evening than chowing down on a stadium hotdog, drinking a cold beer, and joining a crowd of thousands for the seventh inning stretch.

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Toronto Blue Jays


Toronto Maple Leafs

  • Sport: Hockey

  • When to see them: October to April/May

  • Where to see them: The Air Canada Centre (in the Entertainment District)

  • Cost of a game: Approx. $60-$500 CAD (depending on your seats and the game)

  • Website:

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Toronto Raptors

  • Sport: Basketball

  • When to see them: October to May/June

  • Where to see them: (in the Entertainment District)

  • Cost of a game: Approx $20-500 CAD (depending on your seats and the game)

  • Website:


Toronto FC

  • Sport: Football

  • When to see them: March to October

  • Where to see them: BMO Field (near Liberty Village)

  • Cost of a game: From $20-195 CAD (depending on your seats)

  • Website:


Toronto Argonauts

  • Sport: Canadian football

  • When to see them: June to November

  • Where to see them: BMO Field (near Liberty Village)

  • Cost of a game: $20-$250 CAD (depending on your seats)

  • Website:


Day 3: Find your festival

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In a lot of places, it’s hard to plan a holiday around a festival, but not in Toronto. Why? Because there’s essentially always a festival. The city’s venues tend to be booked solid year round as the biggest names in music, film, and more stop by to show Torontonians — and visitors — a good time.

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Are you a music fan? There’s NXNE, the TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Field Trip, and dozens more. Fan of the arts? There’s Luminato, Hotdocs, and the Toronto International Film Festival. Want to do some dancing? The Toronto Caribbean Carnival and Pride Toronto will offer plenty of opportunities.


Since dates, venues, and acts change every year, check out our guide to the Top Festivals in Toronto for more information and relevant links to some of the best festivals in the world.


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Other Toronto musts

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Activities: If you just so happen to land in Toronto on a day with no festival or sports match to be seen, there are a few major attractions that you can always rely on for a good time. These include great museums, like the Art Gallery of Ontario, home to 90,000 works and the largest collection of Canadian art in the world, and the Royal Ontario Museum, a striking building that houses exhibits on everything from dinosaurs to ancient Egypt. It also includes the awe-inducing CN Tower, where you can strap into a harness and hang over 500 metres above the street on the thrilling EdgeWalk. It also includes the Toronto Islands, where only 10 minutes downtown you can lay out on the beach, enjoy a picnic, or go for a paddle boat ride away from the city.

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Other highlights: A great way to really experience Toronto is by taking the time to explore different neighbourhoods. From the history, art, and culinary innovation found in the pedestrian-only Distillery District, to the fashion-forwardness of Bloor-Yorkville, and the nightlife of the Entertainment District, you can experience so many different sides to the city in just a few days. And while, we’re on the topic of fashion, Toronto has more than enough shopping to keep anyone occupied for a weekend.   


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